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Nintendo Switch Online details

Nintendo Switch Online details

Nintendo has released details surrounding its upcoming membership service, Nintendo Switch Online, a multi-featured paid service to let users play online, access a growing library of NEW titles, allow for online backups of saves, and enhanced features for the smartphone app.

One of if not the biggest point of contention for most Switch owners will be the pricing of the new service, but Nintendo seems to have this covered with three purchase options for individuals, with an added family membership option available also;

  • Individual memberships:
    • One month (30 days): AU$5.95 / NZ$6.55
    • Three months (90 days): AU$11.95 / NZ$13.15
    • 12 months (365 days): AU$29.95 / NZ$32.95
  • Family membership (12 months/365 days): AU$54.95 / NZ$60.45

With a family membership, up to eight Nintendo Account holders will be able to utilise the Nintendo Switch Online service, even on different consoles.

Expanding on their ‘Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online’ which will grant members access to a compilation of classic NEW games. Launching with 20 titles and more are coming to the service, including games like Donkey Kong, Ice Climber, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros., Soccer.

Most importantly, NES titles launching through the new system will be able to be played online! Depending on the game, players will be able to play games in co-op multiplayer, competitive, or take turns in a single player game online allowing players to “pass the controller” at any time.

Save data for most Switch games will be backed-up to the cloud, great for people who have broken or need to retrieve their data from a lost Switch.

Nintendo has not given much information about what will be required for online play in existing titles, but they have said membership will be needed to participate in co-op and competitive online features for games like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and ARMS.

Check out the Nintendo website for more information about the Nintendo Switch Online service.

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