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Nvidia GeForce Now: "Virtual Reality is Now a Cloud Reality"

Nvidia GeForce Now:  "Virtual Reality is Now a Cloud Reality"

Announced earlier this week, GeForce Now is Nvidia’s solution to click-and-play gaming on the one billion PC and Mac computers that aren’t game ready.

With a simple, click-to-play interface and an open ecosystem, PC games can be played anywhere, anytime on any Mac or PC. 

Utilising server-based processing system utilising Nvidia GeForce technologies, boasting over 500 games currently supported by the service, with more added each week.

We’ve spent the last decade building GeForce NOW to be the premier PC gaming experience in the cloud, optimizing every millisecond of the process and reducing latency to a point where it’s negligible for most players.

Perhaps the most impressive claim Nvidia’s has made is in regards to how GeForce Now is apparently powerful enough (with a low enough latency) to enable Virtual & Augmented Reality applications to be streamed to a user. Removing the most difficult entry point of entry to VR and AR for millions of users.

Nvidea is leading the charge on creating a functional wireless transmission system to solve wireless head-mounted display integration, working with 5G infrastructure and service providers, like AT&T and HTC to bring un-tethered virtual reality experiences to consumers devices.

New’s surrounding Australian availability has yet to emerge, though Nvidia is rolling out RTX cloud gaming servers in Japan and Korea respectively, later this year.

Read more about GeForce Now, and sign up to the beta program on the official website.

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