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NZ Game Industry included in Government’s Creative Industries Plan

NZ Game Industry included in Government’s Creative Industries Plan

The New Zealand Government has announced upcoming support to grow and develop local Creative Industries in a newly released report; From the knowledge wave to the digital age

In an effort to grow New Zealand creative industries, the government has partnered with industry body WeCreate, to implement key recommendations from 2020 onwards, including:

  • Supporting the screen industry’s development with a 10-year strategy
  • Introducing measures to ensure our creative professionals can have sustainable careers
  • Initiatives to enhance the international potential of contemporary popular New Zealand music
  • Reviewing our copyright protection regime.

As outlined by the NZGDA, WeCreate held a series of workshops, working groups, and conferences with a range of creative industry bodies and government agencies attending over the last two years, resulting in a proposed Action Plan to grow our creative industries.

Stephen Knightly, Board Member of the NZGDA and member of the WeCreate Steering Group, is one of several industry professionals who worked to ensure the interactive entertainment sector had a key voice amongst peers from the music and film industries.

In the lead up to the release of the new plan, multiple industry professionals gave key presentations to both government and WeCreate.

Metia Interactive’s Maru Nihoniho spoke about gaming and the Māori economy at the Government report’s launch in Parliament last week.

And Rocketwerkz who received funding from Tencent in 2016, and Grinding Gear Games’ who sold a majority share to Tencent in 2018 for over NZD$100m, provided keynotes at WeCreate conferences.

The involvement from key creative industry members is clear to have played an important role in the inclusion of the sector within the new plan, helping educate government and other industry associations about the interactive sector’s potential.

Thanks to this, the growth of innovative and creative industries is a key focus of the Government’s broader Economic Strategy, and the games industry now finds itself at the core of this focus;

New Zealand sits among the most desirable international film and television production locations, and is well positioned to take advantage of the significant global growth in demand for new content, including for platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Investment has also increased in other creative sectors, such as video game development.

To read more about the changes coming to New Zealand, visit the official release by the NZGDA.


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