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PROFILE: The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association

PROFILE: The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association

MCV has partnered with the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) for the MCV Pacific Awards 2013.

The IGEA has been a supporter of MCV Pacific since it first came to Australia, so let’s take a closer look at the organisation which represents the games industry to the wider public.

IGEA represents Australia and New Zealand companies which publish, market and distribute games and entertainment content, and is administered by a Board of Directors. The Board is supported by the IGEA CEO Ron Curry, who has been the touchpoint of the industry for many years, and came from videogame publishing himself.

The organisation’s goal is to create a sustainable growth for the whole industry.

It represents the interests of its members, both from a business perspective and a public policy perspective, having been heavily involved in the long fought and hard won battle for an R18+ age rating.

IGEA’s focus changes as the industry changes, with its remit being flexible to include whatever the demands of the industry at large are in any given year.

Currently, Ron Curry and the team are looking at a number of initiatives.

Firstly, there’s the creation of a modern, flexible and ‘fit for purpose’ classification scheme locally. To this end, the IGEA is in constant discussions with other classification bodies seeking global solutions to modern problems with an ageing system.

As well as this, there’s their efforts in striking an effective balance in copyright reform, raising awareness of (and participating in) effective cyber-safety solutions for children, and advising the government on many other issues concerning or impacting the industry.

The IGEA is the one organisation which has the direct purpose of thinking about the issues of tomorrow facing the industry. It provides information and statistics on the interactive entertainment industry to its members, as well as organising public reports and analysis to the benefit of helping the industry be understood by the general public and by itself.

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