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Reactions from the Wii U launch night

Reactions from the Wii U launch night

During the closing hours before launch, everyone at EB Games in Bondi Junction was able to have a play of the new console.

“We’re genuinely excited about it”, said Deb McGrath, National Brand, Events and Marketing Manager for EB. “It’s been a long time coming, and is thoroughly unique to play.”

“Our buyers went to E3 a bit skeptical, but came back thrilled with it. To impress our buyers who’ve always seen the latest of everything is a tough ask and the Wii U’s done that.”

Jess Hodgson, Community Manager at EA, was at the launch as well. “It’s an incredibly exciting platform, he said. It’s just fun.”

“I’m really excited to finally see new hardware,” added Brenna Hillier from VG247. “I’m curious to see if Nintendo can pull off another big switcheroo on the naysayers. Given how excited people are to be playing it, I think they just might.”

“What can I say – it’s a Nintendo machine?” said Scott Jenkins, EB Bondi Junction’s store manager. “It’s probably going to be a great big seller like the Wii was before it. It’s got a great history behind it with the Wii brand, and I can only see it going upwards from here for Nintendo.”

“I thought it was fantastic,” said Trent Weekes, EB Games’ National Events Manager after getting his hands on it for the very first time.

“The Wii was out six years ago now. I thought it was really new and different, and I like that [the Wii U] also has that focus on gaming in a different way, but it’s kind taking the lessons learnt from motion gaming somewhere different.”

“I like the proposition of asymmetrical gaming. I’d be picking mine up right now, but I’m not in Queensland near Churnside, my local store.”

“As long as they keep finding ways to make it work, it’ll be great.”


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