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Saint's Row IV pushed back, will only just make August in Australia

Saint's Row IV pushed back, will only just make August in Australia

UPDATE: The date has changed again on the EB Games web site, now listing the title as 12th September.

This places it on the Thursday before GTA V’s Tuesday release – a far narrower window presumably than the developers or publishers would have liked.

ORIGINAL STORY: The classification debacle surrounding Saint’s Row IV has led to a delay in Australia, albeit a minor one.

It’s listing on the EB Games web site was shifted from Thursday 22nd August to Friday 30th August.

One of the major dangers for Saint’s Row IV when its classification became uncertain was that it could be forced back into the September window and go up against Grand Theft Auto V. While it hasn’t been pushed that close, doubltess each week makes a difference.

After resubmitting an edited version of the Saint’s Row IV, it was still able to attend PAX Australia by demonstrating the ‘new’ and as yet unclassified version rather than the one which was Refused Classification.

In an extensive interview with Ron Curry, MMGN wrote about the classification system being broken and the role it had to play in Saint’s Row IV’s delay, suggesting that the handling of the applications was the deciding factor in why one passed and the other didn’t.

Regardless, it’s been a double-edged sword for the distributors. There has been a huge amount of press surrounding Saint’s Row IV as a result, but the cost to them includes the time taken to make new versions and submit them, the fees for submitting multiple games and of course Volition’s time to make the edits.

Who’s to say if it’s been all been worth it or not? Either way, Saint’s Row IV will be on shelves Friday 30th August for PS3, 360 and PC.

New Zealand, where Saint’s Row IV was classified at first pass, is unaffected by the delays.

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