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Scaling these Walls; Lessons Learned from GCAP 2018

Scaling these Walls; Lessons Learned from GCAP 2018

The biggest gathering of Australian development talent comes to a close today, and as most say farewell and goodbye, others are still at the beginning of their adventure through Melbourne International Games Week.

Joel, Adelaide, and I were privileged to attend this year’s Games Connect Australia Pacific, and with it, we have all learned, grown, and developed a deeper understanding of the industry we call home.

The Trade Media team benefits from a range of experience and industry exposure, my own education in games development, Joel’s time spent working alongside the biggest names in Oceanic publishing, and Adelaide’s experience in games journalism, means we have all learned our own lessons from GCAP 2018.

Here’s a look at some of our key learnings from GCAP 2018;


There is something articulate and meaningful to be said about surrounding yourself by passionate, talented, and like-minded individuals, I am neither articulate enough nor capable of fitting those feelings into one short paragraph. So I’ll just leave it at this, I love GCAP, and I have every year I have been privileged enough to attend.

Being able to contribute, and experience the changing perspective of an entire industry community has been both a key part of my personal growth, and a guiding light as someone who’s still in the early stages of their career, thank you to the organisers of this years event, and I’ll be talking all about the discussions and lessons from GCAP 2018 for many months’s on Develop Pacific.


So under 24-hours later, I’m still unpacking GCAP 2018 – I’m not sure when I will get the opportunity to properly process it all, but I definitely want to investigate it in further detail.

That said, at a surface level I felt that the somewhat controversial theme, The Walls We Built Ourselves, resonated throughout the two days, and deeply impacted my takeaways.

Put simply, the message I received and what I am happy to pass on to others is; we as an industry need to grow up and face some home truths. Change is coming and we need to be ready for it. We need to improve working conditions and staff treatment and the industry’s maturity will be questioned at nigh on every turn moving forward.

It won’t be easy. There will be many tough questions and conversations. But we as an industry can do it, and we need to do it together.


GCAP, hey? It’s difficult to articulate just what my first GCAP experience was like, and what I’ve taken away from it. It’s also hard to not just repeat what Jordan and Joel have both said, because it rings very true with my experience, so I’ll leave it with this:

I’m honoured to be a part of a community that can come together at events like GCAP and teach each other, and nurture each other to grow. Sometimes it’s through hard lessons (like Anna Tito telling us we need to “Grow Up” in her 7-minute, 5-minute Developer Lightning Talk), and sometimes it’s by filling up the St Kilda Town Hall and bringing down the house with applause when a game wins at the AGDAs.

GCAP keynote speaker Leighton Grey said it best, “We built these walls out of cynicism, but we’ll bring them down with sincerity.”

Games Connect Asia Pacific 2018 (GCAP18) is a part of Melbourne International Games Week 2018. For more information on this event and a full schedule, you can check out the official site.

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