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Skylanders breaks the AUD$100 million mark in Australia and New Zealand

Skylanders breaks the AUD$100 million mark in Australia and New Zealand

Activision has just sent word that its addictive Skylanders series has reached several impressive milestones.

Well, actually it’s just the one milestone presented in a series of different ways, but thought experiments are fun!

Skylanders toys sold:

  • globally three times the population of Australia.
  • enough toys that they could be stacked to run the distance of the Sydney to Hobart.
  • locally more than the number of people in New Zealand or Sydney.

Or without the fun and games, it’s broken AUD$100 million in sales.

Philip Earl, EVP Activision Publishing, APAC, said:

Just over 18 months ago, bringing toys to life in a virtual world was an untested concept. Now Skylanders is established in the Australian toy market and embraced by parents and kids across the world. We’re thrilled to see Aussie kids embracing Skylanders toys and games both in the virtual and physical worlds.

It’s one hell of a running start for the franchise on Disney Infinity, which has Skylanders squarely in its crosshairs but with a wealth of IP unmatched anywhere in the world.

Activision isn’t exactly resting on its laurels, either. It took out two separate booths at last year’s EB EXPO – one for Black Ops 2 and one for Skylanders Giants.

This year, it’ll be pushing even harder with Skylanders: Swap Force, which is hitting on 16th October.

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