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Spiral Media rebrands as Showdown

Spiral Media rebrands as Showdown

Showdown will present a new one stop shop for expert media and influencer consultancy targeting gamers and millennials.

Spiral Media, the exclusive distributor of Twitch in Australia and New Zealand, has rebranded to Showdown. The rebrand is borne out of a desire to adapt the business model to service the ever-changing requirements of clients and streamers in this fast-paced digital age.

The company has unsurprisingly seen continued growth in the gaming and tech space with advertising inventory consistently selling out. 2016 saw rapid growth from non-traditional gaming brands which is following market trends in the more mature USA and UK.

Collectively, the rebrand has been in planning for over 6 months and the team behind Showdown has a deep heritage within the gaming space.

Scott Wenkart, Managing Director of Showdown said “Twitch is such an amazing brand to be partnered with – they’re always innovating. We’re in the very privileged position to have access to the latest trends and insights from our partners. After working with them for two years, we know that you need to invest and collaborate with the industry to drive return which is the thinking behind the move.

Wenkart added, “Influencer marketing is also integral to each of our campaigns and our creators program is designed to support streamers with studios and production facilities to give back to the community, drive audiences and ultimately, do our bit to grow the platform.”

2016 saw several new hires to further attest to the gaming expertise carried in house. Joana Quintanicho joined from PlayStation (EMEA & Australia) as the Head of Custom Solutions and Marketing and Ben Williams, joined as a games industry veteran from ReedPOP where he worked with clients to bring PAX, Australia’s largest community gaming event, to life. Additionally, the creative team is sourced directly from gaming community entertainment groups to provide insightful recommendations to resonate with the audience.

The Showdown business is now split in to three key areas. Media, creators and esports. The media and custom solutions division provides integrated media, PR and social solutions for brands targeting the ever-growing gaming audience. With a campaign approach to drive content on ‘Twitch First’ – the team uses the creative content opportunities to then further drive social campaigns and in turn results.

The creators division serves a finishing school for the rising and established Twitch streamers providing professional grade stream facilities and production in Fox Studios – Australia’s home of film creation.

The esports division is home to the soon to be launched Throwdown, Australia’s latest esports league offering players the chance to play for cash prizes. Partnered with the best esports titles, Riot Games (League of Legends), Psyonix (Rocket League), FACEIT and CS:GO, Throwdown will offer brands turnkey solutions to support and gain exposure to the huge Australian esports community.

For more information you can check the website.

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