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TAFE NSW: How gaming culture is leading Australia's next jobs boom

TAFE NSW: How gaming culture is leading Australia's next jobs boom

Gamification, domestic industry growth, increasing societal reliance on digital technologies, and undeniable engagement with younger demographics are but a few of the seeds ready to grow into Australia’s next jobs boom according to TAFE NSW.

NSW Assistant Minister for Skills Adam Marshall offers his thoughts;

“TAFE NSW has been evolving and adapting to the community’s training and education needs for over 130 years,” Mr Marshall said.

You only need to walk into a TAFE NSW classroom to see how cutting edge learning is changing the face of our workforce.

Video gaming is a cultural phenomenon and is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives, whether in the lounge room or the supermarket.

With such extraordinary jobs growth predicted in the industry, it’s important NSW is well-position to seize on the opportunity and TAFE NSW is a critical part of that.”

According to a press release from TAFE NSW, the $190 billion global games sector is expected to grow 10 per cent year on year for the next three years. TAFE is making a strong case to ensure Australia is a part of that growth.

Head Teacher of Game Development and Digital Media at TAFE NSW St Leonard’s Sein-Wai Chew said TAFE NSW was already producing world-class graduates in the field;

“Gaming has changed tremendously over the past five years; the growth in digital capacity of computers and mobile phones has enabled huge growth in digital entertainment,” Ms Chew said.

We are seeing many more jobs in gaming come online and that will continue to grow.

Ms Chew, who worked as a programmer at IBM and National Australia Bank before joining TAFE NSW, said as the “gaming generation” evolved to adulthood, companies were increasingly seizing opportunities as a result of the cultural shift.

There’s this whole generation that are growing up with games as their main form of entertainment and businesses of all types need to cater to them or miss out,” Ms Chew said. “If you can engage this generation in a digital way, you’re much more likely to get their business.

That means businesses are ‘gameifying’ their products and marketing to make them more digitally attractive. If young people get formal training now into game programming skills, they can position themselves to be the movers and shakers in the new way of doing business.”

TAFE is ensuring a strong groundwork of qualified, and experienced graduates that are uniquely positioned to enter the industry.

Mr Marshall continued, stating TAFE NSW already provides courses for nine of ten jobs predicted to have the greatest jobs growth in the next five years.

More information about gaming courses at TAFE NSW is available at www.tafensw.edu.au.

Image from Roar Media Group

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