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The IGDA Special Interest Group for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Developers launches online

The IGDA Special Interest Group for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Developers launches online

The Co-chairs of the Special Interest Group (SIG) for International Game Developers Association (IGDA) Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Developers launched a drive for membership online this December.

The newest SIG of the IGDA was launched by Co-Chairs Sally Kellaway and Jamie Telford in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

The VAMR SIG will discuss, document, develop resources for and promote complex development issues associated with these new technologies such as Law, Ethics, Standards and Diversity, led by an international Steering Committee of Professionals including:

  • Brooke Maggs – Co-Director, Burning Glass Creative (Australia)
  • Bonnie Bogovich – Freelance Sound Designer/Composer (US)
  • Liv Erickson – Developer Evangelist, Microsoft (US)
  • Julian Pritchard – Founder, Game Designer, Programmer, Punk Arcade (South Africa)
  • Ashley Pinnick – Founder, Virtual Reality Girls (US)
  • Sebastian Badylak – Virtual Reality Fanatic, Coffee Stain Studios (Sweden)

The primary focus of the Special Interest Group will be innovation within the game development sphere and it passionate about collaborating with neighbouring industries.

The group welcomes conversations and opportunities from neighbouring industries such as Software/Apps, Film, Installation (Art), Simulation, Education, Health and Music VR/AR/MR applications.

These relationships allow the VAMR SIG members to leverage the international contacts of the IGDA to ensure that mixed reality experiences across industries meet the highest possible standards.

VAMR SIG Co-Chair Sally Kellaway commented, “We have a deep interest in supporting existing and new groups, hubs, events and co-working spaces that focus on VR/AR/MR industry and development as we believe this fosters collaboration and growth across these new industries.”

This includes a recent partnership with Auckland’s AR/VR garage to advise and offer support for various startups in the Auckland region.

The Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality SIG maintains a collaborative resource database for developers and researchers and plans to have representation at key events through 2017 such as the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) and Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW).

The SIG seeks to support developers as they enter and grow through this early phase of the industry that is slated for growth according to DigiCapital research which suggests investment in the VR/AR Industry grown Quarter-on-Quarter since 2014.

By 2020, Digicapital projects that revenues for VR and AR industries will hit $30B and $90B (respectively), with games being the largest segment of that revenue out of all VR Industries.

Kellaway added, “We are excited to facilitate the vibrant community of developers who are actively working or conducting research in the fields of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities.”
“IGDA is the perfect Association to drive development in this new field.”

For those looking to have an active role in the VAMR SIG or any of the other SIG’s, join the IGDA through their website, or as an IGDA member, simply add the VAMR SIG to your Special Interest Groups listing under your Profile settings on the IGDA website.

Interested professionals can also join and follow the SIG on Social Media via Facebook and Twitter.

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