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THQ: Darksiders II is the 2nd-biggest preordering title in our history

THQ: Darksiders II is the 2nd-biggest preordering title in our history

Speaking with Elizabeth Koukeris, 11 year veteran of THQ and Marketing Manager for ANZ, MCV looks at the unique strategy behind the brand.

“We’re on track for Darksiders II to be our second-biggest pre-ordering title in THQ’s history”, begins Koukeris, referring to the Australian pre-order numbers. “It’s behind Saint’s Row: The Third, and with a media campaign reaching a similar level, which is really exciting for the franchise.”

Online advertising has been present for Darksiders II since February of this year, in spite of the title not being out until 16th August.

“We had key beats (or ‘tentpole events’) in the lead-up to release”, Koukeris explains. “Wherever we had new trailer drops coming or information we thought had the weight, we’d to continue to promote and build the franchise around them, and we’re seeing really good results with that.”

“That activity has all been on core gaming sites, and we’ll continue on with it post-launch. We’ve already made that commitment to build the franchise for a couple of months after launch.”

The flow has apparently been working, with pre-order spikes correlating directly with each big push in the lead-up to release.

The real push behind Darksiders II, of course, is still yet to drop, with Digital and Pay TV kicking in at the end of next week and street furniture and large-scale billboard campaigns set to go up in mid-August.

Pay TV in Australia, however, isn’t what it is in other parts of the world. Koukeris continues, “TV will always have its place, but what we’ve seen is a shift towards digital (social and search engine advertising in particular). Those two avenues have become vital in our campaigns of late. We’re getting really good results from that, which is reflected in what’s happening within our audience – they’re embracing internet and social media much more.”

“Australia has low penetration of pay TV. TV has a certain place, but we don’t have all of the networks, stations and coverage which the US have with their cable network. So we’re sort of limited there, and are more reliant to other forms of media – online, outdoor etc. We’re an outdoor nation anyway though, so that sort of medium actually works.”

Darksiders II will be available on PS3, 360 and PC on 16th August.


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