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Turtle Beach's Ike Sainoi talks about pushing the brand in Australia

Turtle Beach's Ike Sainoi talks about pushing the brand in Australia

At the EB EXPO recently, MCV got the chance to speak to Turtle Beach Product Specialist Ike Sainoi about the brand’s marketing strategy.

“We feel these shows are really important,” begins Sainoi. “Whether they’re from EB back in the States or EB over here.”

“We’re trying to expand our brand here through the shows (definitely), socially also, and I believe QVS is trying to expand our foothold through eSports over here. They’ve really gotten big here in the last 18 months or so.”

With Astro formerly being the headset of choice for the MLG in the US before Turtle Beach took over, the challenger brand is something Turtle Beach has to take seriously.

Sainoi continues: “To be part of that competition, we needed to develop a similar product [to Astro’s daisychaining headsets], so we created the new tournament series of headsets called the 7 Series, the main model for which is the XP7, which is universal and wired (you’re only allowed to have wired headsets in tournaments).”

“Primarily what we developed for that is a mixer which acts as a closed chat network, and you’ll have access to Xbox Live and Playstation Network. It has one huge mixing board you can link up to six people on, you can link two together and play six versus six.”

eSports is a big part of Turtle Beach’s strategy moving forward.

“We’re taking a very top-down approach. We’re not sponsoring any individual teams or clans as of yet. As with partnering with MLG in the States, we’re looking to do the same kind of thing here.”

Turtle Beach is the leading brand in the US and in Australia.


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