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Winners of the IGDA foundation GDC Scholarships

Winners of the IGDA foundation GDC Scholarships

Several Australian and New Zealand developers, researchers, producers and more have been awarded GDC 2019 scholarship assistance by The International Game Developers Association foundation (IGDAf).

According to the IGDAf; “Each recipient will receive a travel stipend and a complimentary conferences + summit pass courtesy of the Game Developers Conference, and thanks to the efforts and generosity of our partners, speakers, and scholarship committees, these selected recipients will also receive exclusive local studio tours, one-on-one mentorship from industry veterans, and special Q&A sessions with some of the most influential developers in the industry.”

The full list of recipients for this years GDC 2019 selection are below, click through to each category to learn more about the winners;

IGDA Scholars

  • Devi Acharya
  • Khaya Ahmed
  • Jireh Chew
  • Arabella Collinsw
  • Muhammad Ardhan Fadhlurrahman
  • Julia Gstoettner
  • Mariska Harasymiw
  • Ahmed Hisham Emam Ahmed Hendy
  • Cameron Hopkinson
  • Aubrey Isaacman
  • Tabea Iseli
  • Jennifer Kindl
  • Naman Merchant
  • Xenija Neufeld (this years Eric Dybsand AI Scholarship recipient)
  • Sofia Miren Syjuco
  • Andrew F. Thomas
  • Aimee Zhang
  • Zhouming (Jimmy) Zhou


  • Nobonita Bhowmik
  • Diana Boden
  • Mona Brandt
  • Julie Buchanan
  • Sarah Crowe
  • Marina Díez
  • Jess Gates
  • Domini Gee
  • Helen Giapitzakis
  • Zala Habib
  • Del Nordlund
  • Kristina Rousseau
  • Calliope Ryder
  • Sylvia Smatanova
  • Quinn Spence
  • Richa Thomas
  • Oda Tilset
  • Megan Villablanca
  • Anna Webster
  • Bernice Wong

Next Gen Leaders

  • Sally Blake
  • Emily Grace Buck
  • Tomás Cofré
  • Rosa Dachtler
  • Nika Dvoravic
  • Ashwath George
  • Ashraf Heikal
  • Asia Mleczak
  • Jasmine Roberts
  • Sophie Rossetti
  • Alyssa Askew
  • Anna Brandberg
  • Saf Davidson
  • Osama Dorias
  • Matthew Lee
  • Sara Lempiainen
  • Fernando Reyes Medina
  • Jennifer Scheurle
  • Steven Taarland
  • Kathleen Yin

Keep track of this years scholars by following the @IGDAFoundation@IGDAScholars, on Twitter as the recipients head to GDC 2019 this March.

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