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Women In Games: Dhayana Sena

Women In Games: Dhayana Sena

Dhayana is a one woman army, acting as the Owner, Editor and Content Creator for Attack On Geek.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Studies (Public Relations) in 2014, Dhayana was admitted to he New Zealand High Court as a Barrister and Solicitor in October the following year.

Dhayana would then undertake a Postgraduate Diploma in Communications and Public Relations, which led her to begin her career in consumer technology PR, as an Account Executive, managing clients such as Huawei Technologies.

In late 2015, she began blogging and writing reviews for film, tv, anime and general pop culture for Attack On Geek as well as a number of other entertainment sites. As Attack On Geek’s readership and social media following began to grow, so too did the overall brand which led her to wearing multiple hats from editor and content creator to marketing/PR liaison and website administration.

Dhayana would the begin streaming and volunteering with Microsoft as part of their ExpertZone GameMasters programme and became an Xbox Ambassador. This led to a partnership with TenForward , educating adolescents on safe online behaviour and practices, which incorporated streaming, social media, anti-bullying and more. Dhayana tells The Influence, “The idea behind this was to educate children on online etiquette when young so as to help them be better ‘netizens’ as well as create a space where young girls who enjoyed gaming could feel comfortable and safe.”

Over the past 12-months Dhayana launched a number of new initiatives. She began offering streaming 101 and online gaming classes for children and parents, hosted the first NZ TechWeek Women in Games meetup and was featured in Stuff.co.nz and included in our 2017 30 Under Thirty in recognition of all her hard work. She was also selected to attend E3 2018 as a guest of Xbox ANZ.

Ultimately this work, along with her work with Attack On Geek led to her current position as a freelance writer for a number of technology and entertainment sites, as well as a Digital Marketer for New Zealand Mint, tasked with growing their pop culture fan base.

Speaking of her inclusion in this year’s Women In Games List, Dhayana said, “The push for more diversity and inclusivity in non-traditional media, entertainment and gaming, has long been a movement that’s been a passion of mine.”

“I’m extremely thankful, beyond honoured and incredibly thrilled to be included in this year’s Women in Games list alongside so many strong, talented and inspiring women, many of whom I look up to. Being included in this list has further ignited the fire that burns my passion and determination to encourage more girls and diversity in gaming”

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