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Women In Games: Stacia Grooby

Women In Games: Stacia Grooby

Stacia Grooby’s passion and enthusiasm for games started from a young age, which she credits to her “incredible gamer mum.”

Stacia started her career in business management and consultancy for dance studios and entertainers – Stacia had been a competitive dancer and a dance teacher for a number of years.

She had been bitten by the esports bug in the early 2000’s after moving to the US and competing in a number of titles in amateur and semi-professional levels. Using her management skills, Stacia created an online community hub for esport players to connect across titles and network to build their careers.

In 2010, Stacia moved back to Australia where she moved into live events and functions. This saw her working with Brisbane’s leading LAN centre where she was organising and managing their esports and community gaming events.

Stacia moved into Marketing and Social media in 2015 after running events through Brisbane’s heritage listed Chalk Hotel. She also worked pro-bono with groups such as The Butterfly Effect – a creative arts and wellness program that provided specialised, multi-integrative therapy to people with, and without, disability, and volunteering her experience as an esports advisor to ReedPop Australia.

ESL offered Stacia a position as one of their Global Social Media staff for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which included managing content campaigns across Twitter and Facebook.

Shortly after, she was presented the opportunity to move to Sydney and work with Twitch’s APAC media partner Showdown to create Throwdown Esports, which launched in January 2017. Stacia was handling end-to-end management of the esports department. In its first year, Throwdown Esports ran a series of pro-am tournaments, secured the first Rocket League World Championship Series (RLCS) Oceanic Qualifiers, the broadcasting of Riot Game’s Oceanic Challenger Series (OCS), and created a successful in-house support program for some of Australia’s leading commentary talent.

Stacia left Showdown to work short-term with Marquee Studios as a consultant to manage the team that successfully delivered all sponsorship and social media marketing around The Next Gamer.

October 2017 saw Stacia return back to full-time work with Gfinity Esports Australia. She was the first esports-specific hire and was crucial to building the existing Gfinity Esports Australia team and now manages all social, community and marketing strategy and execution across the country, along with collaboration on esports production, development and operations.
The first season of the Gfinity Elite Series Australia presented by Alienware, which ran in the first half of the year was a considered a great success. It achieved 4.5M viewers and 14M minutes of esports watched.

Stacia has also appeared at several events including Mumbrella Esports Marketing Summit: The Esports Revolution, PAX Australian panels including Building the Future of Esports Industry, Building Community in Competitive Games and a Dummy’s Guide to Watching Esports, and Ashton Media’s Esports Conference. As well as featuring as a speaker for the Business in Games: Women in Games Mentor Course.

Stacia told Esports Pro Oceania about her first appearance on the Women in Games list, “I’m honoured and humbled to be included on this year’s list with such a wide range of talented, incredible women. It’s such an emotional experience to recognised and supported among so many that inspire me, and I’m so excited for the future of our industry.”

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